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Our History

The global evolution and significance of Computer studies and research were strategically harnessed in MUT’s program offerings in the year 2000s. Among the pertinent strategies to achieve this was to offer the Diploma and Bachelor of Computer Science courses. The exponential demand and expansion of the courses needed a dedicated administrative and academic structure. Thus, by 2013, in keeping with the rapid pace of information technology, the school of Computing and Information Technology was established. Further, courses were designed and offered to synergize the needs and demands of the multitudes of students exemplifying the domestic and international market demands. These encompassed postgraduate studies and supervision for students in pursuit of the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy programmes.

The setting up of the school also parallels the goal of the university to stay abreast of developments in Information Technology. Currently, the school constitutes of two departments:  Department of Computer Science and the Department of Information Technology.

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