Dean’s Message

Welcome to the School of Computing and Information Technology. As a student in the School, you will tap into the knowledge and experience of faculty members who are dedicated to delivering courses that bring relevant and up-to-date computing and information systems education to the student in highly flexible and convenient ways. The School of Computing and Information Technology, therefore, is charged with the responsibility of preparing individuals who are not only working already but are able to adapt to working in a global environment and engage in new ideas and new thinking.

Students and academics work together to share ideas and learn both individually and collaboratively. Our faculty’s wide range of academic and research expertise continuously drives the development of new curriculum and ensures that your experience is both highly relevant and engaging.

Our degree programmes are high-quality and career-friendly and are accredited by the Commission for University Education. The undergraduate programs provide students with an education consisting of both the theoretical and applied knowledge necessary for a successful career as a computing professional. Our research-driven Masters and PhD programs offer students many opportunities to conduct cutting-edge research with experienced faculty from numerous large-scale projects.

As our student, you will be exposed to rigorous instruction complemented by assignments designed to build your skills while working in one of our instructional and research laboratories. We are constantly improving our computing infrastructure and have superb technical support staff that maintains lab services and are available to assist you.

Welcome. We are SCIT, and we have a career for you.

Professor Geoffrey Muchiri, PhD

Dean, School of Computing and Information Technology