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Welcome to the School of Computing and Information Technology!

Dean scit

Prof. Geoffrey Muchiri (PhD)

 Dean (SCIT)

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Choose a Computing Career Path in the Department of Information Technology at

Murang’a University of Technology. We offer industry-driven courses and research and varied work experience opportunities.

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Department of Information Technology

School of Computing and Information Technology

Murang’a University of Technology

P.O. Box 75 – 10200,

Murang’a, Kenya



bsc se

Our degree programme is designed to prepare students who want to pursue a future in the software engineering industry with in-depth knowledge, skills and technical know-how to design an entire engineering system, by combining the study of Computer Science and Engineering.

Students will learn how to design, analyse and manage complex engineering systems involving many different engineering disciplines, combining theory and practical approaches to software engineering. Throughout the bachelor programme, students will also acquire communication skills, and hands-on experience in developing large-scale software systems, and managing various aspects of software engineering projects, especially project management and quality assurance.



Master of Science (Information Technology)

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The Master of Science in Information Technology (MSc.IT) is a program designed to meet the needs of the market for expertise in Information Technology. The program is intended to address the increasing demand in the work-place for IT professionals with a broad and sound knowledge of both technical and managerial skills.

The course is structured to focus on issues surrounding the development, implementation and management of information systems. Course units focusing on applied computer skills are emphasized to address the needs of students from various backgrounds who wish to build careers in the field of information technology. The course also offers leadership and management skills preparing students to take up leadership roles in the IT industry.

Students are prepared to work as information management personnel, system designers and developers, senior level managers in IT, academics in IT, etc. The programme opens the way for candidates who may wish to develop and further their knowledge in IT through research, with the intention of progressing to doctoral levels.


Academic Admission Requirements:

<School will Provide >


Doctor of Philosophy (Information Technology)

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The Ph.D. programme offered by the Department of Information Technology is a research degree program. The program is designed for students with a bachelor’s and master’s degree from a variety of disciplines recognized by the University Senate. The doctoral program is intended for serious students who desire to make significant scientific research contributions to the field of Information Technology. While course work is required, it is important to understand that satisfactorily completing course work is not the goal of a doctoral program. A doctoral candidate is required to produce a publishable doctoral dissertation based upon the candidate’s original research. The dissertation must necessarily advance the body of scientific knowledge that underlies the discipline of Information Technology.

A critical component of a doctoral candidate’s development is the dissemination of scientific information. Doctoral candidates are routinely expected to author by themselves or co-author with their professors and fellow students scholarly papers for submission to scientific journals and conference proceedings. Doctoral candidates should also be prepared to present these research results at various national and international conferences.

Academic Admission Requirements:

<School will Provide >

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