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Undergraduate Programmes DHM


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Certificate in Information Technology (CIT)

This one-year certificate programme is designed to act as a bridge to higher-level computing qualifications and provides you with a solid foundation to enter a career in computing. The certificate builds skills in many areas critical to the success of employment in IT.

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Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)

The Diploma in Information Technology is a two-year programme designed to equip students who wish to pursue information communication technology with the essential knowledge, skills and attitude to explore technology-based ventures.

Combining theory and practice and real world experience, our programme covers key technical knowledge in methods of analyzing user requirements and specifications, programming and website creation. The systematic development of innovative thinking and creative problem solving skills are given emphasis in the programme.

Students will also gain exposure to the major elements of entrepreneurship activities and the ability to apply concepts and technologies to practice, grooming them for further studies or careers in software development and technopreneurship.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (Bsc. IT)


The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is a four year programme that provides students with a firm foundation in computer science and internet technology, while equipping them with relevant competencies in project management, problem solving and teamwork. Upon completion of the programme, students will be able to provide solutions for computing-related challenges faced by various organisations.

Common Careers for Graduates are:

  • Web Developer
  • Application Developer
  • Network Administrator
  • Security Analyst
  • System Engineer
  • Database Administrator

Bachelor of Business in Information Technology (BBIT)


The Bachelor of Business Information Technology is a four-year degree programme that prepares students to work in the fields of software development, database administration and networking. It is a modern course that brings together two key aspects of computer training, that is, the link between Information Technology and the business environment. The programme prepares students for the job market through thorough knowledge of Information Technology with an understanding and appreciation of how business is organized and managed.